Nothing fishy about it!

A clear signal when it comes to fishing: ALDI Poland was an official partner of the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) anniversary campaign in 2017. A great opportunity for sharing information about sustainable fishing methods and the MSC label.


Twenty years – that is how long the MSC has already been working to protect the oceans and global fish stocks. It is one of our most important partners when it comes to procuring sustainable fish. Under the slogan “Eyes on fish”, the environmental organisation celebrated its milestone anniversary last year with a major campaign. ALDI North helped with the campaign in many countries. Also on board were our colleagues in Poland, where sustainable fishing took centre stage, whether in the 124 stores, the ALDI aktuell customer magazine or on the website. For the entire month of November, for example, employees and customers had the opportunity to learn more about issues such as overfishing, illegal fishing methods and environmental pollution and get to know MSC products. After all, one thing is clear: when it comes to fish, environmental organisations, producers, retailers and consumers alike have to open their eyes.

“The campaign was part of the major country initiative for more sustainable products. And it was literally an eye-catcher, as not a single customer is likely to have overlooked the distinctive labelling on the shelves,” says Justyna Radwańska, Corporate Responsibility (CR) manager in Poland. She planned the campaign together with the Marketing department and the Polish MSC organisation. “It was the first partnership of its kind for us in the Polish market, which is why it was a great feeling that everything went so well.”

The MSC campaign means that ALDI Poland is now on its way towards fulfilling the requirements of our future International Fish Purchasing Policy. As with all resource-specific purchasing policies, we also aim to seek dialogue with business partners, environmental organisations, employees and customers about the conservation and careful use of resources.

 “According to estimates, around 90 per cent of the global fish stocks are overfished, which makes overfishing one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. As an independent organisation, the MSC is working against the decline in global fish stocks. Through our programme and the MSC label, we are contributing to healthy oceans. We are delighted that ALDI is participating in the MSC certification programme. By expanding its range of certified products and providing customers with targeted information, ALDI Poland is supporting sustainable fishing.”

Anna Dębicka, MSC Project Manager in Poland

Products with the MSC logo at the store and in ALDI aktuell
Products with the MSC logo at the store and in ALDI aktuell
Products with the MSC logo at the store and in ALDI aktuell
Products with the MSC logo at the store and in ALDI aktuell
Products with the MSC logo at the store and in ALDI aktuell
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