einfach wir – the magazine for ALDI employees

On our journey towards becoming more modern, we are evolving faster than ever before. A new day has dawned with regard to communications as well. Just a few years ago we were still regarded as tight-lipped. Now, however, we communicate openly and transparently about our activities. And one thing is clear: ALDI North employees should be kept in the know. Cue our new employee magazine – “einfach wir” – in Germany!



Even at first glance, there is no mistaking who the focus is here, namely the approximately 35,000 ALDI employees in Germany, whether from sales, logistics or administration. “einfach wir” was created for them. The magazine not only gets to the heart of relevant information and exciting background stories related to various issues at ALDI North, but it also encourages employees to get involved. All ALDI North employees are invited to have a hand in the magazine by contributing their own stories and ideas.

In honour of the magazine’s first issue, Theo Albrecht took the opportunity to write the introductory remarks. He emphasised the importance of internal communications at a modern corporate group. 

“The employee magazine will help us to foster understanding for each other and our different activities. The finely tuned way in which we all cooperate and get along is the very essence of ALDI North.”

Theo Albrecht

“einfach wir” has been published in Germany every three months since spring 2017, and all ALDI employees in Germany receive a personal copy. Curious to find out more? Have a look at our magazine:

Featured faces: showcasing the team.

Who is behind ALDI North’s success? “Featured faces” introduces one ALDI employee and his or her colleagues in the opening spread of every issue. The employee also “features” on the front cover of the magazine, as is only fitting. What’s more, the employee gets to have the final word! In the “After work” section, our featured employee talks about what they do in their spare time.

Featured faces in the employee magazine

ALDI employees: discovering who we are

Day-to-day work usually leaves no time for a trip to the store of a regional company in Germany or abroad. That is where the “ALDI Regional” and “ALDI International” sections come in, which provide a look at what is going on elsewhere. We use these sections to report on the 40th anniversary of ALDI Denmark, for example, or show how other stores in Germany are coping with the renovation period. The “Bulletin board” gives colleagues the chance to introduce themselves, be they a trainee or a district sales manager.

“ALDI Regional” section in the employee magazine

Ways to participate: actively involved instead of just along for the ride

In addition to reading “einfach wir”, employees can also have a hand in shaping it by applying to be the “featured face” or introducing their favourite product, for example. One particularly exciting section is “Encounters”. In it, one ALDI employee changes workplaces for a day to shadow a colleague from a completely different department or division. This way, ALDI employees who would otherwise never have met each other have a chance to get to know one another personally. These experiences also help readers of the magazine to build a better mutual understanding and get a sense of the big picture.

“Encounters” section in the employee magazine

“Two thumbs up! The magazine provides insight into completely different units!”

Retail Assistant, ALDI Beverstedt

Sustainability: an integral part of the magazine

Because it is such an important issue to ALDI North, sustainability is showcased in various places throughout the magazine. In fact, we have dedicated one page entirely to the topic. We also inform ALDI North employees in “ALDI News”, for example, about why we are doing away with the disposable plastic bag or introducing the German Animal Welfare Federation’s “Für mehr Tierschutz” label.

On a similar note, ALDI Belgium also rolled out an employee magazine called “Vivaldi” in April 2018.

“Sustainability” section in the employee magazine
More content
Concrete and measurable: our CR Programme

Within our CR Programme, we set clear goals for all fields of action. Our progress where they are concerned as part of the Sustainability Report.

Key topics
Sustainable food purchasing practices

Our seasonal and regional product range played an essential role in our offerings. Our responsibility for these products stretches from the warehouse to the point of sale and beyond, including the more sustainable production of resources throughout the value chain.

17 goals for a better world

Companies are also called on to do their part for the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs for short. Many issues addressed by the SDGs are very important to ALDI North.

Come on in!

Quite a bit has changed here:The updated stores are bright and friendly, while more space, new colours and a clear presentation of products provide even better orientation.

Corporate governance

ALDI North is an internationally successful discounter. Part of our business ethos involves taking responsibility for our actions. Our CR Policy is enshrined throughout the entire Group.

Key topics
Raising consumer awareness

Every year, consumers make 1.2 billion purchases at our stores. Our goal is to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle – and make it possible for a broad section of society to engage in affordable, responsible consumption.

Happy and pretty sustainable: ALDI Denmark

Our Danish customers value environmentally friendly and local products highly. ALDI Denmark added 32 new organic products in 2017 and significantly increased the proportion of certified fish products


The ALDI North Group has always applied a reliable principle of clear, decentralised structures with short chains of command, and CR is no exception to this rule.

Key topics
Occupational health & safety

Taking responsibility for the health and safety of employees in the workplace is part of the ethos of the ALDI North Group companies