Clear words when it comes to sustainability: ALDI Spain in dialogue

On its modern website, through strong communication campaigns and in social networks, ALDI Spain is dedicated to communicating with customers and other stakeholder groups – thus also bringing environmental topics to a larger audience.


Customers should be able to immediately recognise what makes a product special. That is why ALDI Spain follows clearly defined criteria for transparent and reliable information on packaging. If they still have any questions, customers in Spain can take advantage of a wide range of options to get in touch with us, such as via our new Contigo ALDI customer service or our social media channels. One topic that we focused on in 2017 was the environmental and health risks related to palm oil production. More and more consumers are looking to avoid products containing palm oil. We are making efforts to accommodate this wish and are offering alternatives. Since January 2018, our own brand GutBio has carried only palm-oil-free products in Spain. In addition, we are spreading the message that organic products are “good by nature” and support organic agriculture through an extensive communication campaign.

Our highlights

Quality that is good for the environment: that is what our Spanish customers see in our organic products. In 2017, we increased the number of organic items from 131 to 225.

In Spain, we benefit from the sun that shines on the roofs of our stores and distribution centres. We are constantly working to harness and enhance this power. In 2017, we increased our solar power output from 804 to 850 kWp.

ALDI Spain in profile

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Stores 272
Total ALDI employees
Year of market entry
Our national targets from the CR Programme (2017)

For an updated overview, see: CR Programme 2018.

Field of action: Supply chain responsibility

Objective Status Target date
Target value
Target relevance
Preparation and publication of National Animal Welfare Purchasing Policy New 2018 Purchasing policy Spain
Labelling of gluten- and lactose-free products based on recognised certification providers (ELS [Espiga barrada] or Adilac) New 2018 100 % Spain
Ban on battery eggs New 2020 100 % Spain

  Target achieved   Ongoing process

Our projects and topics

We are all ears: ALDI Spain embraces dialogue
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Sustainable food purchasing practices
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Sustainable standards in the non-food supply chain
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Mobility & logistics
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Product quality
Food waste
On a rescue mission