Sun on the roof – ALDI Portugal

ALDI Portugal operates 57 stores in the westernmost corner of continental Europe. When it comes to photovoltaic electricity, ALDI Portugal is at the forefront. Social commitment also plays a special role here.


From the Algarve to the northern reaches of the country, ALDI Portugal supports the needy at many locations through food and non-food donations. This local approach is especially important to us. It underscores the connection between ALDI Portugal, its employees and the local population. We are constantly adapting the shopping experience to customers’ needs to increase our market penetration in Portugal. Customer communication is one of the cornerstones of our efforts. In our customer magazine ALDI aktuell, we regularly provide information about a variety of sustainability topics. Furthermore, a growing number of stores are receiving a fresh look. By the end of 2018, most stores will feature our latest design. Even today, stores are already generating their own electricity – thanks to the Portuguese sun.

Our highlights

The photovoltaic systems on 14 of our stores allow us to generate some 1,000 MWh of electricity – roughly the amount consumed by 250 households every year. ALDI Portugal plans to install an additional 5,000 kWp in output by 2021.

Beef from the Azores, plus pork, chicken and turkey from mainland Portugal: to make it easy for our customers to trace their origins, we started rolling out the ALDI Transparency Code (ATC) for these products in 2017.

ALDI Portugal in profile

Regional companies
Stores 57
Total ALDI employees
Year of market entry
Our national targets from the CR Programme (2017)

For an updated overview, see: CR Programme 2018.

Field of action: Supply chain responsibility

Objective Status Target date
Target value
Target relevance
Changeover to MSC certification for all stockfish products (cod) New 2018 100 % Portugal
Ban on battery eggs New 2020 100 %

 Target achieved   Ongoing Process

Field of action: social commitment & dialogue promotion

Objective Status Target date Target value
Target relevance
Food donations at all stores New 2018 100 % Portugal

 Target achieved   Ongoing process

Our projects and topics

Social commitment
Going to great lengths for a good cause
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Food waste
On a rescue mission
Resource conservation
For the good of the climate
Animal welfare
Animal welfare at a discounter – a contradiction in terms?
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