For more green diversity on the shelves: ALDI Poland

From goods with the Fairtrade label to MSC-certified items, consumers are finding an ever growing selection of more sustainable products on the shelves at ALDI Poland stores. All 124 stores have already been extensively modernised.


Awareness of sustainability is growing among consumers in Poland. ALDI Poland is responding to this development, enhancing its product range accordingly and providing information through the customer magazine ALDI aktuell. Since 2017, for example, we have been gradually increasing the selection of Fairtrade products in our product range, plus we have entered into a partnership with Poland’s recently established Fairtrade organisation. We also used the period under review to inform customers and employees about sustainable fishing. In our capacity as an official partner, we supported the anniversary campaign of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) . As part of our International Animal Welfare Purchasing Policy, we became the first discounter in Poland to pledge to stop selling battery eggs by 2025 at the latest.

Our highlights

In 2017, the number of Fairtrade-certified insourced own-brand products increased from one Fairtrade special-buy product in 2016 to eight items in the first quarter of 2018, five of them from our standard product range.

In the period under review, we increased the number of insourced own-brand products featuring the EU organic logo from 10 in the previous year to 45 from the standard and special-buy product range.

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