Sustainable food for true gourmets: ALDI France

Today, ALDI France operates 888 stores throughout the country. In the land of gourmets, our shelves are stocked with a growing number of sustainable and regional products, plus we are currently hiring at a rapid pace.



ALDI France is growing, our stores are undergoing extensive modernisation, and we are stimulating interest in our products by changing how we communicate with customers. Naturally, all this also entails an increase in headcount. In 2017, we welcomed some 3,000 new employees. We make targeted efforts to promote their growth and the development of experienced staff, plus we give them opportunities for advancement. We offer our customers in France many high-quality items and a constantly growing number of sustainable products. To do so, we demand particularly strict standards from our suppliers and go beyond the legal requirements in the process. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we support organisations such as BEE FRIENDLY in France. The alliance works to promote agricultural practices designed to prevent colony collapse disorder. In 2017, we also participated in Think Fish Week (Semaine de la pêche responsable), which was spearheaded by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). We informed customers and employees about the importance of sustainable fishing and responsible aquaculture in our customer magazine. Moreover, we expanded our organic product range from 45 to 60 items in 2017. Under the new own brand BON & VÉG, we offer vegetarian and vegan products. Regional products also play an ever larger role in France, with 98 per cent of our fresh and frozen meat already sourced from French farms. In addition, we offer typical regional specialities in France under the Pays Gourmand own brand.

Our highlights

In 2017, some 7 per cent of ALDI employees in France received a promotion, demonstrating that ALDI France provides advancement opportunities and values the experience of its employees highly.

In the period under review, 87.4 per cent of the palm oil in our products – or some 200 metric tons more than in 2016 – was certified with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) label.

ALDI France in profile

Regional companies
Stores 888
Total ALDI employees
Year of market entry
Our national targets from the CR Programme

Field of action: supply chain responsibility

Objective Status Target date Target value
Target relevance
Introduction of BEE FRIENDLY-certified products New 2019 Preparation and development France
Conversion of fish and seafood products to certified sustainable goods New 2019 75 % France
Publication  of a National Animal Welfare Purchasing Policy    2018

Continuation and expansion

Conversion to certified cocoa (UTZ, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and organic) for all own-brand products    2020 100 % France
Introduction of the ALDI Transparency Code (ATC) for own-brand products that contain at least 3 % meat    2020 100 % France
Expansion of the fruit and vegetable product range    2018 100 France
Ban on battery eggs New 2020 100 % France

 Target achieved   Ongoing Process

Field of action: resource conservation

Objective Status Target date Target value Target relevance
Installation of photovoltaic systems on new stores New 2021 120 France

 Target achieved   Ongoing process

Our projects and topics

Key topic
Sustainable food purchasing practices
Key topic
More sustainable product range
Animal welfare
Animal welfare at a discounter – a contradiction in terms?
customer service
Come on in!
France: from the region and onto the table
Food waste
On a rescue mission