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Sustainability Report 2015 

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An insight into the ALDI North Group product range

Our products are almost exclusively produced for the ALDI North Group – these are our own brands. We are able to exert significant influence over the make-up and production of the products and therefore design sustainability directly into the product. On the following pages we want to show you the progress we have already made. The individual key product points present some of the aspects that we focus on.

Fruit and vegetables

On average, our customers are offered a range of 80 different fruit and vegetable products in an ALDI North Group store. These are increasingly labelled with an EU organic logo, Fairtrade mark or Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM seal. Depending on the season, we complement our standard range with various products, for example asparagus in spring or pumpkins in autumn. We motivate our customers to pursue a healthy lifestyle with attractive recipes.




Our customers find a wide range of different meat products at the ALDI North Group. Traditional standard products like chicken breast fillet, fillet of pork, and cold meats are all popular alongside seasonal articles like meat for barbecues in the summer. We are also increasingly offering vegetarian and vegan alternatives.



Carrier bags

Long-life and manufactured to conserve resources. Since 2014, the long-life shopping bag has been complementing our range of loop handle bags and cooling bags, as well as bakery product bags and string net bags for fruit and vegetables. This has already been common practice in Portugal since 2012. In 2015, we sold more than six million long-life shopping bags to our customers throughout the ALDI North Group.



We are one of the leading textile retailers in Germany. We also rank among the major textile suppliers in other countries where the ALDI North Group is operating. Our special-buy product range includes a growing diversity of textiles, ranging from bed linen to sports clothing. Comprehensive quality processes guarantee a high level of functionality and long life. We work together with our office in Hong Kong and with our partners to address challenges in the supply chain.




We offer a wide range of fish and seafood products. Alongside traditional classics like fish fingers and fish fillets, our customers will also find products like smoked salmon, sushi and organically farmed prawns at the ALDI North Group. Fresh fish is a growing line of products that we are offering in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland and Spain.




Cocoa is contained in many products from the ALDI North Group: in chocolate, as a spread in nut and nougat cream, and as an important ingredient in pralines, ice cream, cereals and bakery products. Cocoa products are also indispensable for our special-buy product range including chocolate Santa Clauses and Easter bunnies. We are increasingly purchasing our cocoa from certified sources.



Wood, board and paper

Wood, board and paper are used for many of our products, from paperbacks to kitchen towels, and from coloured pencils to garden furniture. We also make use of packaging and transport materials made from board and use paper in administration and for promotional purposes, for example in our customer magazine ALDI aktuell.



Espresso, caffè crema or whole beans: We offer a large range of coffee under our brands Markus and Moreno – in many countries coffee is also sold in organic and Fairtrade quality. We use high-quality blends of coffee which increasingly come from certified sustainable sources.




The egg is not only one of our most important fresh products at Easter. In 2015, we sold 1,082,912,292 eggs in the ALDI North Group. Alongside fresh eggs, we had lots of products in the range containing processed eggs – from bakery products to egg liqueur.




More than 25 years ago, the first skin cream was included in the product range of the ALDI North Group. Today, our customers can choose from more than 70 different cosmetics and toiletry products in the stores. Consumer organisations from different countries regularly evaluate the quality of the products from the ALDI North Group. Our cosmetics and toiletry products frequently achieve top ratings.


Juice and juice-containing drinks

There is virtually no fruit which cannot be purchased in the form of a drink at the ALDI North Group: from A for Apple to Z for Zesty citrus. Whether this is fresh juice, concentrate or sparkling drinks – customers will find more than 40 different juices and juice-containing drinks.

Exemplary key product points are:

• Seals and certifications
• Production standards
• Purchasing policies
• Structure of the product range
• Traceability
• Initiatives and participation

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